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2020 Incident Responses
Month Station 8 Station 28 Total
Jan 986 337 1323
Feb 913 345 1258
Mar 885 317 1202
Total 2784 999 3783

Historic Incident Responses
Year Station 8 Station 28 Total
2019 11813 4198 16011
2018 12026 4062 16088
2016 11615 3863 15478
2016 11478 3664 15142
2015 11109 3421 14530
2014 10602 3438 14040
2013 10316 3443 13759
2012 10313 3702 14015
2011 9956 3820 13776
2010 10406 3727 14133
2009 10837 3631 14468

Home Fire Prevention Tips




As much as 33% of accidental fire deaths result from fires started by cigarettes. Smoking is the single biggest killer in accidental fires in the home.





Cooking is also a leading cause of fires in the home. More often than not the cause of a fire, is an individual being distracted. Never leave your food unattended while cooking!







If you have any concerns over the electrical work in your home, call a qualified electrician to inspect the wiring. If you cannot afford one, make sure that all electrical cords are in good shape. Don’t overload receptacles with too many appliances as this is a sure way to start an electrical fire.





Rather ironically, batteries, especially 9V ones that are used to power smoke alarms are also a fire hazard. It is unsafe to keep these stored near paper clips, coins, pens or other metal objects. The reason is, the positive and negative posts are extremely close together and if any conductor comes into connection with the two posts, it can short circuit which is enough to cause a fire.



Still have questions or are unsure if your home is safe, then request a Home Fire Safety Visit.

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